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MA in Labor Studies, School of Labor and Urban Studies, CUNY

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Pixel Perfectionist

I have an uncanny attention to detail. You’ll find it all throughout my work! I use the Atomic Blocks plugin because it’s also crafted with attention to detail.

Expertly Trained

I studied graphic design for four years under the great designer, painter and art educator, Paula Scher. Everything I learned goes into every project I start.

Expert Communicator

Communication is key, as they say! We’ll keep in regular contact about any projects we start to ensure you get the end result you’re looking for.

Friendly Pricing

I like to work with each client directly to ensure their project is scoped and priced according to the specs. We’ll work through the costs before we start.

My Latest Posts

Food Justice

Too often it seems like a conversation around food security veers away from the reality of a conversation about food justice. The episode of this series that we watched was such a thoughtful examination of the origins of one battle in the fight for food justice and really examined what is and probably should not…

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Criminal Justice

The question asked at the beginning of “Black Lives and Police Tactics Matter” is whether the police are a source of public good or a perpetuating factor of racial inequality? After reading this article, listening to the episode of the Intercepted podcast, and following countless stories of police violence over the last decade, the answer…

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Housing Justice

I found the zoning information packet from The Center of Urban Pedagogy to be extremely helpful and entertaining. There are so many terms in the world of housing and development that get used, and perhaps misused, regularly that I did not have a clear understanding of. In addition, some of these terms have a different…

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Environmental Justice

After reading David Pellow and Robert Brulle’s article titled “Poisoning the Planet: The Struggle for Environmental Justice” and listening to the American Dissected podcast episode “Unleaded”, I wonder if environmental justice is not the most pressing issue facing the world today. The first principle of the environmental justice (EJ) movement states that “all people have…

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Economic Justice

The articles we read this week outline the ways in which economic justice, or rather economic injustice, can play out in a person’s life, especially in the city. In the article by Formosa, Weber and Atkins titled “Gentrification and urban children’s well-being: Tipping the scales from problems to promise”, the authors go into great detail…

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